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Nasal Breathing ..... and the health benefits.

Here are a few reasons why I ask you to try breathing through your nose.

What are the benefits?

  1. When we breathe in through the nose it affects the quality of air. It gives the breath time to - be filtered, humidified and warmed. This prevents drying out of the delicate nasal tissue. It can also help prevent dehydration.

  2. It prevents germs being breathed directly into the lungs via the filtering process. The enzymes in the nose destroy some pathogens.

  3. Breathing through the nose helps us to breathe in the right amount of Oxygen for the bodies needs.

  4. It is important for mouth health. Breathing through the nose prevents the mouth drying out and producing acids which decay your teeth. In early years it can help with development of teeth and jaw alignment.

  5. It reduces sleep apnea and snoring. Sleeping with your mouth closed keeps your tongue in position in the roof of the mouth which creates a large unobstructed airway. It can help improve sleep quality by allowing the right amount of air containing Nitric Oxide (a chemical in your nose) to transport oxygen more efficiently. Sleep Apnea and Heart Disease: 4 Facts You Should Know (

  6. Nasal breathing affects your Intra abdominal pressure because allows the diaphragm to engage. It helps in spinal control and force production in movement. Breathing through you nose can make you stronger because it takes more effort to breathe through the nose.

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