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What to expect

My classes are deliberately smaller in size. (8-10 to a class).

This is so that I can provide all of my participants with the necessary support.

With this approach, you receive the best combination:

focus similar to 1:1 session, while benefiting from the motivation and peer support of a group setting.


Class Environment

  • Floor exercise – clean mats are provided

  • Equipment – balls, bands, rings, foam rollers, cushions to assist with exercises

  • Relaxed atmosphere with background music

  • Structured programme – class content is reviewed weekly and adapted to support the development pace of individuals and the wider group.

  • Individual assessment – correcting technique where necessary and praise for achievements

Specialist Support

  • Pre and Postnatal Exercise

Please note: It is very important that you keep me updated about any changes to your health. It is up to you to keep me informed of injuries or procedures that you have had done. I do ask at the beginning of class -BUT I need to know before the class begins. 

Please don't come back to class until you have been signed off by your GP or consultant. 

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