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Privacy Policy

On signing up for Pilates/Yoga classes with me I will request to collect some personal data.  I will ask you to fill out a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire which will ask medical questions, your email address, telephone number, date of birth, occupation and postal address.

After receiving your details If you choose not to begin classes with me I will destroy all details after 30 days.

I will keep the forms for 6 years after your last class; at which time I will destroy it. Emailed medical information will be deleted once transferred to paper.  

Updates will be added to your original form.

The medical questions are important because they allow me to assess your suitability for exercise. This medical information will remain in paper format only and will be stored in a locked filing cabinet.

Your age and occupation help me to assess suitability of certain exercises.

I will add your email address to a subscription list which is used only for providing information about classes and Pilates/Yoga based activities.

In unforeseen circumstances, I may have to cancel classes at the last minute and will contact you via SMS or email to inform you of this.

There are 3 consent boxes on the PARQ

  • Consent to me holding medical information in a locked box.  If you do not consent to this you will be unable to join classes with me.

  • Consent to receiving email updates regarding Pilates/Yoga classes with me.  If you do not consent to this you will still be able to come to classes but you will need to manage class dates yourself.  Additionally you will not receive supporting information regarding the classes and your own Pilates/Yoga regime.

  • Consent to receive important information regarding last minute class changes or cancellation via SMS or email.  If you do not consent to this you can still attend my classes but I will not be able to notify you of any last minute changes to the class schedule.

Your email address and phone number will be stored electronically, password protected and accessible by me only.​

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