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Therapeutic Yoga 

Yoga classes for everyone. 

Therapeutic Yoga is a gentle form of Yoga.

We combine asanas (Postures) from Yoga with the principles of Pilates.

 Therapeutic Yoga includes functional movements that really work on maintaining good alignment throughout the class.  

The poses are modified so that they are suitable for a wide range of people and you can go at your own pace.

We know that each body is unique and we do not encourage struggling to force your body into a shape that is not suitable or could even be harmful. 

In Therapeutic Yoga we encourage comfort and ease in movement whilst strengthening, mobilising and stabilising  the body. 

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Active Senior Couple

Level 4 Yoga Instructor

+ Freestyle Fitness Yoga  GXT training 

+ Therapeutic Yoga Level 1 APPI 

+ 100 Hours Yin Yoga Levels 1,2 & 3 Sara Lo 

+ Fertility Yoga levels 1 & 2 Bliss Baby Yoga

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