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And Breathe.... Homework!

There are numerous health benefits to breathing well. ( I will be writing another blog on this soon!)

Here is an easy breathing technique that can help you to feel calm and relaxed quickly.

7 - 11 Breathing

I learned this technique with my training with * The HG

Breathe in through the nose for a count of 7 or (5)

(Breathe in as though you are filling up an imaginary balloon in your belly)

Breathe out through the nose for a count of 11 or (9)

Breathe like this for a few minutes or until you are feeling more relaxed.

The beauty of this technique is that you can use it in any situation and nobody has an inkling that you are doing it. If you practice 7-11 on a regular basis it is possible that you may lower your anxiety/stress levels. It is also super easy to learn and remember.

Let me know how you get on and if you found it helpful.

* The HG = The Human Givens Institute

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