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Tadasana or as it is also known Mountain Pose is a foundation pose for the standing postures in Yoga. The pose is strong, stable and active. It is a great posture for building stamina, alignment and a better awareness of posture.

How to move into Tadasana

  1. From standing bring both feet together so that big toes touch. If this is too challenging click your heels outward and then line your toes up so that you have a more stable base of support.

  2. Notice the bottom of the feet against the floor. Move your weight so that you are spreading it over the *imaginary triangle on the base of the feet.

*(The base of the the big toe, little toe and mid heel).

  1. Lift your toes and splay your toes outward and then pop them down on the floor.

  2. Now, lift the knees, so that the thighs lift a little bit.

  3. The pelvis is neutral with the natural curves of the spine.

  4. Connect your belly by drawing gently in at the lower abdominals

  5. Soften and widen the Collar bones, roll back through the shoulders and soften the shoulder blades down your back.

  6. Allow the arms to hang down at the sides of the body with palms facing forward

  7. Lengthen through the crown of the head.

  8. Whilst in Tadasana - set your intention for your practice and *breathe 5 - 10 breaths

*(breathe in and out of the nose if possible)


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