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New research ... Lowering Blood Pressure

I hope you are all enjoying your summer holidays - and that the long promised heatwave is going to arrive before the kids are back to school!

Here is an interesting article for those who have HBP or family members who might benefit from some information of exercising with HBP (High Blood Pressure)

Planks and Wall Squats (Isometric exercises) are recommended for helping lower blood pressure.

Read the article below from the British Heart Foundation to gain a better understanding of how Planks and Wall Squats may benefit you.

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of these exercises...

  1. Focus on form .... Pay attention to your form/alignment to prevent injury and so that you can target your muscles effectively.

  2. Contract your muscles .. Pay attention to the activation of your muscles to improve strength and endurance.

  3. Breathe ... remember to breathe! It can be easy to forget to breathe so, remember to breathe throughout the exercise.

  4. Build up slowly ... Don't over do it! If you hold these exercises for too long you will lose form. Take care to keep good form.

As always make sure that you have spoken to a GP before starting a new exercise program!

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