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Latch Key Pee....

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Do you ever get that desperate urge to to pee? It happens as you reach your front door. All of a sudden you are scrabbling in your bag or pocket for your door key. A feeling of panic ensues with a small leak of urine or distressingly for some people the flood gates may open .

It's known as Urge Incontinence or an Overactive Bladder and it is quite common.

It affects Men and Women. There are many reasons why this starts to happen, it could be because of illness, surgery, medication, habit, age or for no known reason.

'Women are talking about it more now .. which is a great thing because it helps to remove the Stigma amongst them BUT I'm not sure men talk about it at all.'

Need some help?

Find a Women's Health Physio or a specialist continence nurse/consultant.

I have added a few resources below.

Wearing Tena Lady/Pads for the rest of your life is not a good solution unless you have exhausted every other avenue and have no other choice!

In a lot of cases your Pelvic Floor and Bladder can be helped by exercise, diet and retraining.

Always talk to a Health Care Professional first if you are worried about your Bladder/Pelvic Health.


The Pelvic Floor Bible Book - Jane Simpson

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