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Welcome to Autumn......

.....And hopefully an Indian Summer .... surely we get more sunshine than that!

Classes start again next week and I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

I ran Tuesday am classes throughout the summer which worked well. Thank you to all who came along!

Tuesday evening class has finished to make way for a new Monday 7pm mixed group Pilates class starting in October (Winter block).

I am also going to run a Yin Yoga for sleep class at the end of the month. The poses are accessible to most and there will be extended time for guided imagery/relaxation.

This type of Yoga is mostly floor based and uses bolsters, cushions and blankets. The exercises are slow and are held for about 3 minutes allowing a deep stretch.

If you would like to come along the booking is open or if you know anyone who would like to come please pass the info on! It is Weds 27th September at 7pm.

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