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Weighted Balls this week ....

This week we are all about Pilates with the 1Kg balls.

These lovely glossy blue balls went down well at Tuesdays class so we are going to use them again in a different routine on Thursday.

Weight training is important as part of a health and fitness plan ... especially as we age. As we get older our bone density starts to decline and our bones can weaken. Adding weights as part of our fitness plan can help to strengthen our bones and slow down the effects of aging.

Other benefits can include:

  1. Variation, to keep us interested in the class.

  2. Added weight helps to tone the muscles.

  3. Added weight increases the use of energy during the class.

  4. The shape of the weighted balls helps to increase functional hand grip.

If you would like to come and try a Pilates Class please get in touch.

I offer modifications to suit most people so, my classes can accommodate people with different levels of fitness.

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