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Swiss/Gym/Fitness Ball

We have been having fun on the Swiss ball this week.

The Swiss Ball is a great piece of exercise equipment. It brings out everyone's inner child.

We do a variety of exercises with the ball and this week we added weights. The weights are 1KG ball weights which aren't too heavy to start with ... They are added to help build muscle and bone density.

If you have a desk job Swiss Balls are great for interchanging with your usual chair.

As you sit the instability of the ball will challenge your core and if you bounce it will help to lubricate the discs of your spine. You also tend to sit with better spinal alignment.

If you wanted to use one at home you could sit and watch some TV whilst gently bouncing on the ball. It is best to sit for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time and then change back to your chair.

If you are considering getting yourself a ball then you will need to find one which is the right size.

The balls come in various sizes the main sizes being 55cm, 65cm and 75cm the video below has a sizing guide.

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