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Nuts to Guts

Well that is a new one to add to my repertoire of Men's Pelvic Floor cues.

In the past I have used 'testicles to spectacles'

So, in case you were unsure Men have a pelvic floor and yes it's important to look after it.

We often discuss women's pelvic floors because women are generally much more aware of their pelvic floor. Women may have had issues with their pelvic floor that are due to weakening or damage that can occur during pregnancy, childbirth or perhaps later in life during menopause.

Men's pelvic floor damage can be caused by lifting heavy weights, chronic coughing, constipation, prostate issues, age and poor health.

The pelvic floor helps to support the male bowel and bladder (and uterus in women)

Maintaining a healthily toned pelvic floor can reduce or prevent leakage of pee, poo and wind. Working your pelvic floor can also improve your sex life! (Read here)

Pilates classes focus on your core/pelvic floor muscles. Attending class can help you to learn how to engage your pelvic floor muscles and regular attendance can help you to keep everything in working order. Think maintenance!

Men on Mats Thursday evenings at 7pm - 7.45pm

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