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Elvis and his Pelvis

Ahhh ... Elvis the King of 'The Gyrating Pelvis' ....

Yes, men have a Pelvic Floor and they too can help to keep their Pelvic Floor Muscles flexible, so that as they age they don't succumb to 'Post Pee Dribble and/or incontinence.

I bet Elvis had a good strong, flexible pelvic floor in the early days ... but it might not have been so good as he aged. Weight gain, poor diet, medication and possibly a sedentary lifestyle would all have been potentially weakening for that famous floor ...

If you would like to know more about the Male Pelvic Floor here's a link Microsoft Word - pelvic floor exercises for men ( and another website which offers good info What is After-dribble? | Men | Continence Foundation of Australia

And if you would like to come to class 'Men on Mats' or one of my mixed classes please get in touch!

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