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Booking Issues and Invoices

Hello all

I have had a few ongoing issues with people trying to book onto classes. I have been onto Wix this morning and their advice is

'Might be some local issue or browser issue. They can try doing it in incognito mode and if it does work in incognito then it really is a local issue, they can proceed on clearing their browser's cache & cookies or update their browser.'

Please do get in touch if you are trying to book a class and you are struggling with the booking page. There is an app on the front page which apparently works quite well but not everyone wants another app!

I can invoice for payment but please check your spam as sometimes these get lost in the ether!

I am usually at the end of a WhatsApp or email

Texts are hit and miss - depending on which way the wind is blowing here in Butcombe! So you might have to wait for a reply.

Thanks for your patience - Emma

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