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Thoracic Post .....

The theme of last weeks classes were about Thoracic Mobility ... Not dinosaurs. The class included exercises which are helpful for bringing mobility to the upper back, shoulders and neck.

In our modern age where we sit for long periods, lean forward over desks for work and scroll through information on our phones ... our head posture goes forward and we increase the curve in the upper back. If we spend a lot of time in this position our body starts to adapt and we develop a more KYPHOTIC posture/ rounded back and shoulders. You may not notice the effects of this early on but as the years tick by your spine can become more and more locked into this posture which can cause pain, restricted motion, restricted breathing, difficulty getting up from a chair or bed, balance issues and slower movement. It affects men and women and the greatest change usually occurs between 50 and 60 years .. it is more prevalent in women. If you would like to come and exercise with us ... Get in touch!

I hope you enjoyed the Dinosaurs!

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13. Aug. 2021

Is that "get it on" by T. Rex they're dancing to?

Definitely a few dinosaurs 🦕 in our group. Look after your thoracic mobility!

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